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Cheunggg4 months ago
amooo final feliz pra todos, amei tanto essa obra!!! apesar de algumas coisas terem me decepcionado horrores, mas no final valeu a pena!
LoadsOfMana4 months ago
Beri good 🙏 a happy ending for all, and a tinge of comradery for us poor single bastards 😭
Jenadore6 months ago
Thank you for translating this! All my previous theories were incorrect 😂. I finally finished this novel on 03/19/2023 at 2:09 AM (PST)!
Xiao Sy6 months ago
The reincarnation ever
Xiao Xi6 months ago
Many Many Thanks to everyone who made it possible for us to finish this journey... 😊❤️
poojani1 year ago
Thank you for translating this story.
Oteycri0001 year ago
Thank you for everything!
cheeseliz1 year ago
thank you to the translation team!
DeviSF1 year ago
That's a warp! I'm glad that finally I reach this finish line. Lol. Thank you so much, the translator team for bringing this book to the English readers community. You've been working hard for years. Otsukaresama! Read more
LoadsOfMana4 months ago
Despite the fact that I disagreed with most of your comments, somehow it's still satisfying to see a familiar commenter through to end of the story lol, despite all your complaints you made it to the end so you are at least above those who dropped xD
Nomen Falsum1 year ago
At this point I would like to thank all those that posted spoilers for Genius Doctor in the comments. After knowing how deranged and bloodthirsty Satan is, directly ordering torture, murder, rape and genocide. Directly causing the death (or worse) for dozens of millions of people in two separate world wars I have zero intention to read a novel where he is the male lead. Besides what is up with the unsatisfying ending? Read more Only two Devil Generals die, what about the other five original Devil Generals? Just given a free pass? What about the hints the author gave that Li Ya survived childbirth and it was actually Yan Di that secretly killed her? Show less
DeviSF1 year ago
Well, excuse me. I know the Satan in this book is horrible, nay, super duper horrible. But, let's not put crimes he never done on his head, shall we? He personally torture, murder, and massacre millions of people. And he also lead his army to do the same. But, rape? I know this book isn't the best-written book I've read. But, most of the serial books would have "unfinished issue" at the end of its story. And regarding about the devil, it's such issue that should be dealt in the sequel. Read more About "Li Ya killed by Yan Di instead of died in labor", there's no hint about it. It's SYX's speculation just because she saw Yan Di's cold and heartless temperament. Come on, SYX is someone who called the Holy Sage as a charlatan and faking his kindness at the first sight and she never said otherwise until the end. Holy Sage isn't the only one she treated that way, but she only changed her mind about Shen Feng and the undead. Except for OH, most of them would be provoked by her attitude toward them and courting their own death by using misdeeds to go against her (OH is a strange flower who'd do misdeeds regardless what the current people do to him). In addition, SYX is someone who often dismiss and/or forget about many important details about her enemies. We can't take her judgement on someone/something without grain of salt. Show less
Yoongis_wife.1 year ago
He's not horrible in the second book. His intentions weren't ideal at the beginning of the second book but he gradually grew to love JWX (as he should) and even helped her find his own grave 🤭 he's truly a loving partner and you shouldn't miss out on the great plot of that book JWX is badass and it impossible not to love her little stoic face AND HER TRANSFORMATIONS ARE AWESOME🤗
rymi1 year ago
Terima kasih sudah menyadur novel ini 🥺 aku nangis sampe bantal basah, ingus meler, mata njendol 😭😆😭 Next novel : Genius Doctor on my way 😘
melanz1 year ago
Thank you for completing the translation. Luckily I didn't erase the website when translator said they can't post the chapters because of legal problems.
Littlepig1 year ago
Thanks so much foxteller, author north night, translators white sky and raz and all those behind the scenes.. and to all the supporters you guys without i guess this will not be completed cause I've seen a lot of good novels that didn't manage to continue coz lock of support i guessed.. well thank you everyone..
InterstellarInventor1 year ago
Thank you so much Author and Translators for this Amazing Story! Been Reading since 2018! Mtl. Novel hits hard
isabella Hoyos1 year ago
muito obrigado por traduzir essa historia, mas agora que ela acabou não sei mais o que fazer da vida
heartunderblad31 year ago
Thank you very much translators! Came back after a few months for the ending. The Fish sect will always be remembered.
Littlepig1 year ago
Yes i always remember the fish sect..hooray
littleaeris1 year ago
A very big thank you for translating this wonderful story. I've started reading the story on April2020, but I had to stop reading it for a while coz the translator stopped translating the story in the website I'm reading from. But I'm so glad I found your website, so I can happily continue reading it. And now I finished TGFNSYM. I'm so proud I chose it as my first chinese novel I've read.
Anghela1 year ago
THANK YOU SO MUCH for the translation 💜... I've been reading this story since 2019 and now it's 2021 I can't believe I have such patience 😂 well it's because the story is really amazing😍
Anghela1 year ago
THANK YOU SO MUCH for the translation 💜... I've been reading this story since 2019 and now it's 2021 I can't believe I have such patience 😂 well it's because the story is really amazing😍
Sandhyaヾ(˙❥˙)ノ1 year ago
Wow..what a ride.. truly enjoyed it..great work Author 👍🏽and kudos to the translators👍🏽🥰
Isakki Kani1 year ago
Am very thankful to the author for writing this story. I really appreciate the hard work of all the people involved in translating this story. Wish you all success and happiness. Read more
LyleX1 year ago
Gonna reread this again and again in the future 💛
LyleX1 year ago
Awwww i'll miss this. Imma reread u again for the 3rd time in the future.
kingdragon1 year ago
thank you for the translation
Meimeiah2021 year ago
little xin1 year ago
my eyes are red and I'm suffering can someone comfort me this is just sad but really thank you for translating this novel💕
AngelE1 year ago
Thank you so much translators for your hardwork. Great translation by the way. See you all again on next novel. Take care
Poison ivy1 year ago
I want mooore🥺🥺
IamNumbrd_00101 year ago
I'm finally done🥺, thanks everyone even the commenters, you made this more interesting, hope to meet you guys in the next book🤞
Joshuaadeyy1 year ago
Nice story🤟🤟 Great work guys
Mika angela2 years ago
Thankyou so much. The ending lovable and hateful at the same time
Precymella2 years ago
Thank you but I really want more 😂
Bere2 years ago
Gracias por traducir esta hermosa historia me encanto !!
sorrow2 years ago
Thank you.
risselotte2 years ago
Thank you for the translation 😁
Cheese2 years ago
thank you for translating this wonderful story.!!
njugu682 years ago
Thank you for the translation, much appreciated. Really enjoyed the story
FoxReader58302 years ago
Thanks you!!!!
Surainie317962 years ago
Thank you so much for your hard work guys 😘😘😘 I really Love this . 😘😘😘
sassysosa2 years ago
This was a wild ride. I'm sad see that it's finished. Thank you so much!
Little Chun2 years ago
Binged from chapter 1 to the end...time to move to the next work that everyone wouldn't shut up about in the comments.
ljibee2 years ago
THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR TRANSLATING! It's been a few years and I can't help but let out a few tears. This novel is so heartwarming.
ayl032 years ago
Thank yoy so much !😇❤❤
Rhee132 years ago
Thank you ❤️😭
cloud_castles_all_day2 years ago
I loved it. It's finally over and I have tears. When I think back I can't help but feel nostalgic
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