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R3ader5 months ago
Ah, as someone that teaches chemistry all of these descriptions are cringe. If you don't even feel like looking up basic eastern medicine processing (which is basically only slightly better than medieval-level herb processing due to following traditions), then at least spin your medicine making as more magical than realist. Lazy author.
Nikwigi2 years ago
How can he be a master, yet suck at processing herbs?
Abrar Reza10 months ago
Because unlike a true master, he's simply trying to perfect what's flawed. To quote 2 of Einstein's quotes:- "He who's never made a mistake, has never tried something new" "Insanity, is repeating the same mistake over and over" Read more Read more Instead of finding a new way to work, he's trying to fix what's flawed to preserve his face. Otherwise, if he admits he's wrong, his reputation crumbles. Show less
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