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jenniilex31 month ago
I'm so confused hello Second Year students they all forgot how Shen Jue impressed mentor Luo da with making the breathe concealing potion??? Yikes!!!!
sorrow1 month ago
Let's take this situation in terms of football...... let shangguan be Messi (i want to say C.ronaldo but he's my fav and dont want to compare with a cannon fodder) and Our Shen Jue be a new substitute player who has rumours surrounding him such as he got in the team due to parents connection, then in on his first match he scored a goal, but the next match is with Messi's team where they make a bet who will score more goals..... what do u think football fans would think a newbie with extremely bad reputation who's only qualification is the match before which might just have been a fluke just challenged the legendary footballer Messi....... The second year students are the same as the fans, infront of their 'genius' senior how could that one potion change their mind
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