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R3ader1 year ago
Aren't the people in the author's world a bit hyperfocused on judging my stereotypes? These people wouldn't be able to speak more than a few sentences in the US before being questioned for racist speech.
R3ader1 year ago
My=by, and racist might not be the correct term if they comment on a smaller subset than a full race.
DeviSF1 year ago
There's this one nagging question that bothering me for several chapters that it finally pushed me to register. "How do ALL the mentors (who's supervised the competition) have no clue about SYX was a Master Pharmacist's assistant?" Lou De has asked her mentors to let SYX not attend the morning classes as she has to assist Ye Qing, or so Ye Qing has asked Lou De to do so. Why would NONE of them wonder "why the top student of the freshman hasn't attended her class for 10+ days (5 d Read more
DeviSF1 year ago
...5days sick leave and 7 days in library)?" Are the schools nowadays so lax about attending classes and the teacher shouldn't care about such thing?
ItsMari_1 year ago
Lou De is a higher ranked teacher, so I’m guessing they don’t question him when he says a student won’t be in class for a while. Really, that’s all he would have to say for them to agree. He wouldn’t have to tell them the whole situation. Especially since Ye Qing is involved.
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