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R3ader5 months ago
The biggest face slapping chapter yet! What face slapping you ask? Why, didn't the author just pull their own hand back and smash it into their very own face? Read more A simple carrot and stick persuasion arguement is a perfect understanding of human psychology?! This author has slapped their own face so hard that they became a full on idiot. And just to make sure that the reader could follow their leap in judgement, they also had to TELL us that this dude is oh-so clever since the author was too damn stupid/lazy to write a proper scene to SHOW us what they wanted to portray. I despise this convention in chinese writing. Show less
Ciana De La Tore3 months ago
OvertSpitfire1 year ago
money isn't worth a thing if you're not alive to spend it.
MoniqGin2 years ago
FoxReader51662 years ago
Dont sigh
Evee_the_reader1 year ago
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