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Nangongmylove2 weeks ago
I would very much like to read that the employer would be bbqed by the phoenix. Karma
R3ader5 months ago
Wow, the genius godly thief couldn't guess that when one pheonix doesn't amount to the high level of fire elements there might be a second factor adding together to make the fire elemental sum total? Wow, what a smart godly thief. This author is SOOO great. I hope they tell us again how smart the MC is next chapter since they sure as hell can't properly write a second showing us her intelligence. #sarcasm
kaoru2 years ago
I naively thought it would be a baby Phoenix... well, there's still a chance that two Phoenix will make a baby Phoenix or two ?
Sailon1 year ago
Well has two fenix i guessis possile to have a egg especialy because Xiu said that the fenix behaviour srange, two fenix with strange behaviour smell the fact that have a baby fenix or wgg fenix they are protecting parenta fury is very scary
Evee_the_reader1 year ago
well both girl and boy baby phoenixes?
Winter2 years ago
Oh sweet fiery karma.
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