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Madel1 year ago
Awesome! Dose of thier own medicine!
ShinnAkira1 year ago
Can you see the hanging despair above their head? it's brilliant~(☞ ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)☞
Hope58362 years ago
Ruthless MC *.* I like it! Who dares to touch her beloved ones!
MoniqGin2 years ago
F**k...that's surprising...but I don't it ??
kyaa_muffin2 years ago
The slow acting potion suppresses the brain nerves to slow down the body. The antidote to slow acting potion creates a force to unblock the suppressed nerves. However, the potion they were given wasn't the slow acting one but a potion that suppresses the tendons to slow down the muscles. Since they weren't given the slow acting potion, their brain nerves weren't suppressed. So, their unblocked brain nerves were stimulated so much (by the wrong antidote) that they basically exploded. Imagine a chair was glued to the floor so you use a lot of force to pick up the glued chair. But, the chair really wasn't glued & the excess force you used flung the chair into your face.
Evee_the_reader1 year ago
i would have seriously flipped my table if u had typed ?????? again
Another reader1 year ago
I would have also chucked my phone if you did ????????? Again
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