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DeviSF6 months ago
It's subtle, but how can she's sure that the curse would attack their tendon AFTER they drank the antidote for slow-action potion? If the timing was missed, would the high priest not detected the strangeness? How has both the high priest and Ye Qing mistaken her potion as tendon/muscle repression potion?
R3ader5 months ago
Becuse the author wants it so. When exactly did the MC research all of this? Whrn did she confirm it was undetectable? Right. That never happened. The author just wants to seem cool, but is actually just lazily writing wish furfillment.
Abrar Reza10 months ago
The unseen blade, is the deadliest!
Symmetrica7 months ago
ShinnAkira1 year ago
I'm just giving them a harmless potion, said syx imitating gon smiles
kyaa_muffin2 years ago
Waaah well my theory was wrong lolol Man, she's good!
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