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DeviSF6 months ago
Aaah, I thought it's Shen Feng and he's using some kind of skin mask to change his appearance. Anyway, Raz is right. Siyu visited the phoenixes couple in Mount Ku Luo before their move and they told him they're moving to Lava Valley. 😅
Hope58362 years ago
I Dont like that Siyu
Minichan1 year ago
I'm suspicious about him too.
FoxReader51662 years ago
This make me sick lol Your granddaughter is long dead Hope they’re the same person and soul lol Read more
DeviSF6 months ago
But, if Shen Feng didn't do what he did, the ori-SYX might very well be perished days after she entered the gate of Vermilion Bird Clan's residence. At that moment, SYX would be very much living and kicking in her original world. She (SYX) wouldn't possess her (the ori-SYX) body in time. So, the two girls will perish at their death, there wouldn't be second chance for SYX. 😑
Nangongmylove1 week ago
My theory is that human world shen yanxiao was her past life. Her current identity as shen yan xiao is her reincarnation. She just became aware of her past life when she experienced near death before, basically she is still his grandaughter
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