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Another reader6 days ago
I’m definitely going with them being undead
ShinnAkira10 months ago it half demon half human village? it a human ghost village that being manipulated by high demon?'s creepy...
Abrar Reza10 months ago
My guess is, the Skeleton flowers need blood, and this village is responsible for it.
Hope583611 months ago
They dont know that they turn into monsters at night? Are the changes at night stronger in some and not in others? Hmm.. Them being half demons half humans is not a bad guess
oh yikes1 year ago
big yikes
Askun1 year ago
cannibal? om... for now that my guss, let's see...
SpinelesS1 year ago
I Think they don't know what's going on themselves. I'm guessing that "accident" is a sword wound from the attack.
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