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Flower of Light11 months ago
I was thinking that it was a powerful warlock ´si doing at first bu now I am not so sure anymore 😅😅 The villagers were once humans so it can’t be demons, so I am going to stick to my first intuition which was the warlock’s doing 🤣🤣
Flower of Light11 months ago
That or the flower has some sort of defensive mechanism
Hari Buruh1 year ago
members of the wolf mercenaries are not dead ?? . Did the crazy villagers just attack blindly but not kill them ?? . just caught ?? . Then leave it to the village head to be used as an experiment ?? . Then the experiment failed and the human went crazy ?? with the village head's ability to become a doctor he could at any time check the bodies of the villagers and continue experimenting with them. chances are he was a warlock too
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