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Oteycri0003 months ago
Man this is exciting
Hari Buruh1 year ago
OMG Prepare Popcorn Guys
Minichan1 year ago
Evee_the_reader1 year ago
the same triple buttered please
Another reader11 months ago
Just slightly sweet thanks
Madel1 year ago
loved the grand entrance!😎😎😎😎
Madel1 year ago
Wohoooo! 🥰🥰🥰🥰
ShinnAkira1 year ago
Oh wow~ just look at that~ 😎
Rin—2 years ago
Damn it! When will this turn into a manga? ???
gobgoblin2 years ago
Yess,i realy want to see the entrance....
Abrar Reza1 year ago
It shouldn't be long, considering that the other two books are already in manhua format.
Ri//2 years ago
?? #rr love it
kyaa_muffin2 years ago
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