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kaoru6 months ago
peeling the disguise with water... they were using concealer? I thought they'd have to be using magic or mask to hide the mark ?
SoftFeather9 months ago
Boss Xiao
LyleX9 months ago
Yasss phantom so badass
.....9 months ago
Woahh all of them got their own mythological beasts!!!!!
SoftFeather10 months ago
Tang nazhi is no other than dumb qiao in disguise.
Rinneshi9 months ago
Omg yes
Ahn8 months ago
Askun1 year ago
when you get invited to a guld but suddenly become guild master..
Davifei051 year ago
Poppyseeds7 months ago
I get it lol
Abrar Reza4 months ago
Oh, you mean Zhang Xuan?🤣
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