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TeemoUre3 weeks ago
Xie Yun: Am i…forgotten?
TeemoUre3 weeks ago
SYX: yes and the tuition fee too
DeviSF6 months ago
What's about the Head of Archer Branch, Xie Yun? 😭😂 Stop forgetting him and give him some news about his student's whereabouts!
Winter2 years ago
I wonder, when Vermillion Bird will recover from his injuries and regain his adult form. Also do we actually want him to regain his adult form? :P
Abrar Reza1 year ago
I'm pretty sure the ML will pulverize him. Not sure who it is yet.
Fluffy1 year ago
Im pretty sure the ML will be Xiu.. though Qi Xia is not bad too 😏
Chicken2 years ago
An earnest and hardworking servant. He's clearly terrified.
Hope58362 years ago
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