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Crowley6 months ago
She has three mythical beasts, she has 1 super not quite human, she is her and there is a God inside her body... Weakest, who r u kidding?
Sammy_777 months ago
It doesn't matter she got 3 mythological beasts and don't forget she still has Xiu.
Abrar Reza10 months ago
Dude, she's got 2 Phoenixes, 1 Vermillion Bird and one Lan Fengli. Don't matter who's sitting in the city, unless they've got a Holy Beast, they're asking to lose their heads!
Ciana De La Tore6 months ago
That's definitely the confidence we #rr's have 😂😂😂
Ara~1 year ago
They'll do that anyway uncle!! 😕😕
FoxReader51662 years ago
Yeah so what lol
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