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LittleReader3 months ago
My perception of money is being twisted by this story
Aion1 year ago
Gosh is she mentally challenged?? Paying 10 gold coins for a slave was already something no one would do, and that amount is more than what a lot of high-end mercenaries earn! What happened with the idea that she isn't a good person? Lol she doesn't even know this people xD
Minichan1 year ago
She is a thief with a conscience. She doesn't want these people to live without dignity like how she did when she was younger in her past life. She's spending the emperor's money anyway. Why should she have qualms in spending money of a warlock hater?
Wolftome1 year ago
So if the all the slaves work for all seven days of the week then she would have to pay 105,000 a week
Pewmayman8 months ago
Which is 5 million a year. While it seems like a lot initially and especially when you consider that she only paid 10 gold coins for each slave, it actually isn’t much when you realize she stole enough for 10 years of that from the wealthy people of the capital alone.
Winter2 years ago
If you listen closely, you can hear the tax payers cry :')
FoxReader47852 years ago
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