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ShinnAkira10 months ago
We almost moving to the thousand remark and she always remain as thirteen was even more painful to read 😭
NightQrow11 months ago
Don't worry, he's the ML. It's just this novel is slow romance so it takes a while to get to the romantic scenes.
Foxyfet11 months ago
Is he the ML? 😭
Foxyfet11 months ago
Is he the ML?
Foxyfet11 months ago
Is he the ML? 😭
Winter1 year ago
Even the coldest heart can melt with time :P
Elle1 year ago
Xiu is starting to move...
Fantom1 year ago
He is like a father fufu, plus he's like thousands of years older than her so Im afraid to say this but I don't think he is the ML :(
Nikwigi1 year ago
Wouldn't be the first million year old ML I've seen. Without thinking much, he would be the third.
Evee_the_reader1 month ago
he is i'm sure of it
Huangofall4beasts1 year ago
I really wish for Xiu to be Shen Yanxiao's man...???
leafy1 year ago
isn't he the ML??????if he isn't,then i will choked to death.. :/
Misty bee1 year ago
Me too?
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