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XueYe1 week ago
Y'all in the comments are killing me XD and to think that I already read this(up to a certain chapter that was available that time) before HAHAHAHAHAHA. I just can't with your comments HAHAHAHA
Madel9 months ago
Omg! Heart flutters 🥰🥰🥰🥰❤❤❤❤
Phantom394611 months ago
The ship is Sai~ling
leafy1 year ago
*awkward cough* I'm just 14..spare me from those thoughts... "I'm really pure" said no one.. Read more
MoniqGin1 year ago
The things they could do on the bed.....*cough* I mean when she is older...and legal?
Winter1 year ago
In that world she's probably already considered legal enough :')
Huangofall4beasts1 year ago
Yes, Little Xiao.. ...Be obedient and go to bed...???????
Fluffy5 months ago
And let Xiu handle all necessary things.. for unlocking the seal i mean
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