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Rafaeus2 weeks ago
We need Dom's help
Angel8 months ago
Come on now! If this is the first time you are seeing mistakes, in over 700 chapters, then I don't think the problem is with the TLers who are doing a fantastic job considering how hard it is to translate one of these novels! If you can't even figure out what small mistakes should say and just fix it in your own mind then go read a kiddie book...JS
OvertSpitfire10 months ago
I don't think pointing out mistakes is all that bad. Tho they could have said it nicer, it wasn't like they said it in a mean way. Sometimes the TLers need some help as well. Pointing out mistakes isn't bad, its just constructive criticism. And can help the TLers find these mistakes. I really appreciate these few people who can tl these stories for us, and I understand that little grammatical errors happen, but isn't it better to all that they be pointed out so to help the tlers put out even better translations? If I'm mistaken, then I apologize to the TLers.
Butter1 year ago
his granddaugter, woke up and some other diverse mistakes =.=
Unfairme1 year ago
You won't probably see this but, to all future readers. The TLers are working hard, and as far as I know, they are coughing up at least two chapters a day. While I don't like grammatical errors, if I consider the rate of translation, a few errors will be unavoidable. Besides, those errors are not to the point of the novel being unreadable. Do you truly have to nitpick everything? Are you not intelligent enough to understand something when it has a minor mistake? If so, then go back to your mothers and cry me a river of tears.
Foxyfet11 months ago
It's just little mistakes. Nothing harmful.
Fluffy5 months ago
I’m not a native english speaker, therefor I don’t even realize the grammar error in this chapter.. i encountered grammar error on previous chapter, but i have autocorrection on my mind for those small mistake.. i wonder if it that unbearable to read a free chapter with grammar error..
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