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Wolftome10 months ago
Me reads the first paragraph Me: is that what we call foreshadowing
Stressed by a Mountain of Books11 months ago
So petty! ಠಿ_ಠ
Foxyfet11 months ago
Stinky trash
Foxyfet11 months ago
Ughh pig! No, he's actually even worse than a pig!
Phantom394611 months ago
Foxyfet, you’re being Real rude to pigs by calling him one.
Rin—1 year ago
Ah, how I wish Fengli was there to dig out the mouth and heart of this being
Winter1 year ago
Yikes, if Shen Duan digs his grave any deeper he'll hit the void.
SomeDunce!1 year ago
Don't make trash look so bad! After all, Shen Duan isn't that good.
Samnayel1 year ago
Shen Duan is trash
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