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YueXie7 months ago
The only thing he did was "fund" it though not by choice
ShinnAkira10 months ago
I think li xiaowei is right, time to change the stupid emperor
Talushi11 months ago
Actually he did help Shen Yanxiao to build the city but it was not by his own decision, (remember the 50 million gold coins she stole from both the imperial treasury and high ranking families 😛😛😛)
Hope58361 year ago
At least he knows now. I hope he learns and start boot licking a!
Winter1 year ago
That's why you don't take advice from ambitious snakes :')
Elle1 year ago
Shane on the emperor!
Sayy31 year ago
Well you could apologise you have been 'funding' her after all..
Chicken1 year ago
I thought he thought the Preceptor was secretly in charge?
kaoru1 year ago
he wouldn't have sent ouyang if he really believed that ?
kyaa_muffin1 year ago
What goes around comes back around, King
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