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kyaa_muffin1 year ago
I thought there weren't many mythological beasts in this world. Where do they and their nuclei keep coming from?
Tandoori1 year ago
Isn't Shen Yanxiao worried tht someone else with a Mythological Beast will come and detect the high-rank demons?
FoxReader51661 year ago
Anything can pop out of thin air Thete bo lacky
Winter1 year ago
Mythological beasts were at least rank 12, so even though they said rank 10 or higher nuclei, I doubt that there's rank 12 onesin that staff.
Sailon9 months ago
Well many of the nucleu should be old things left by they ancestors thinl during war with demons many mytologic beast die and they only make one each 100 years 10 nucleu last to 1000 years
XxxVxxX6 months ago
It's rare but it's not lacking
Samnayel1 year ago
Qi xia shen yanxiao combo is deadly
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