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OvertSpitfire10 months ago
I think xiu is either the no. 1 or the soul of the last good, and fengli is no. 2. They said earlier that no 2 was lost when trying to kill the village of failed experiments.. which is where SYX picked up the amnesiac lan fengli, who was in the process of... killing the villagers!
Sailon9 months ago
I think SYX is the number 1 and xiu the soul of the last god, remeber SYX was kidnaped for six months possibily siyu that has very powerful conection with god domain omehow save her and make lok like she died in accident because of the fusion, is even possible Siyu was the one that put seal on her because of instability of rhe power of the races.
Evee_the_reader4 weeks ago
i agree with sailon 1000%
ShinnAkira10 months ago
Which one is it, is the no.1 really lost or destroyed?
Sailon9 months ago
I think MC is number 1 that six months of missing are very strange
Rin—1 year ago
Muwahahahaha ???
Samnayel1 year ago
Expiermental body no.1 was lost a little over 10 years ago....could it be shen yanxiao????
Rinneshi1 year ago
Sigh...i think so too
NovelLover1 year ago
Would that mean that her master wasn't successful in releasing the god's soul? Her master believes that Lan Fengli is the first experiment and since Lan Fengli isn't part god, the soul must have escaped. But if Shen Yanxiao is really the first one, the mysterious man that took her would have to be someone from their organization and Xiu could be the god whose soul was put in her. Shen siyu could then be the one that rescued her and put the seal on her.
NovelLover1 year ago
The fusion power she took from the stone should have helped her like these people had been planning. ? I'm internally screaming right now
Misty bee1 year ago
oh yikes1 year ago
perfect gift for the perfect people. :))
Askun1 year ago
pffft... Surely they got the treasure they deserve...
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