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SaikiDesu1 year ago
Is she somehow related to that Nangong Lie that was mentioned before.?
leafy1 year ago
Is the bewitching serpent a demon beast??
Huangofall4beasts1 year ago
...did the Holy Sage not feel the thick dark elements in the city???
Samnayel1 year ago
I think the sage is deliberately letting yanxiao do what she wants for some reason
kyaa_muffin1 year ago
Well that girl did start calling him "Your Hi..." & her uncle did say that the Emperor was planning to take a trip to the Rising Sun City so I'm thinking that isn't really the Sage but the emperor in disguise
teemkitty1 year ago
kyaa_muffin no the sage is an emperor, there are mutilple emperors in the world
Sailon9 months ago
Well her big brothe seem to have strong connection with gods land so is no impossible to them turn a blind eye to what she is doing as long sshe dont cause slaughter of innocent people
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