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YueXie9 months ago
Almost certain that it is Shen siyu = holy sage
neetlord6 months ago
It's obviously the emperor bruuhh, recall how MengMeng mispoke and called him "Your Royal....", plus, how Meng Meng rushed back home from the Holy Roland school so that she could beg her father, the Emperor, to accompany him on his journey to visit The Rising Sun. Also, how the Emperor himself personally expressed his wishes to visit the place but was rueful about his poor relationship with Shen Yanxiao, so he would probably use a disguise. I'm not pushing spoilers, but based on all that it is obviously the Emperor.
FoxReader78129 months ago
Why do I think it's the emperor 🙂
GodlyGongzi1 year ago
Theory: Yanxiao is the first product and is thought to be dead because of the seal place on her by 'his royal highness's who is probably Siyu
Hope58361 year ago
SilverPheonix10 months ago
I think so too
neetlord6 months ago
The "first" was made like 100 years ago, and clearly wasn't some little elf girl based on the description that hinted at the "first" being male. Plus, the emperor has a bad relationship with Shen Yanxiao and clearly showed his displeasure for her, so it can't be Shen Shiyu, who adores her. Plus, I know it's a Manhua, but Emperor's don't really have time to run around nursing babies, you feel? I'll shoot myself in the foot if I'm wrong.
Fantom1 year ago
Don't you remember when Mengmeng nearly called him 'his royal highness'? I am guessing that is who he is.
Samnayel1 year ago
This "high sage" gives me strong shen siyu vibes. He's probably shocked his seal on her body is deteriorating
M0m0f51 year ago
I was just thinking that.
NovelLover1 year ago
I was thinking the exact same thing since he was so worried about her
Belle1 year ago
Me too
oh yikes1 year ago
even though they did find out. but aHeM---
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