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Joshua Fairburn8 months ago
Anyone else find it a little sad that she can write off them attacking/killing her people becouse it was just a few and they didnt go all out like the other city did i mean if she had turned out weak its not like they would have stopped also she was willing to go to war over them mining in her area i would think attacking her people would of set her off even it it was just a probe
RennanNT8 months ago
She already killed hundred of archers, their losses were much bigger. It could be said they were already avenged. If she keep pursuing this matter she would inevitably get into war with all countries and have thousands of her people dying. Maybe she could go stealth and kill the one who gave the order without being discovered, but that's about it. And she wasn't willing to go to war over the mining either, otherwise she would have killed the ones mining. She did the same thing in both cases: showed off her mystical beast so the other party would be too scared of fighting her.
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