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Wren_lily6 months ago
Too bad. Xiu doesn't give me male lead “feelings”, unlike the other male leads of North Night novels. Jun Wu Yao, Ling Yan (Han Cangmin), and Liu Huo. I like Qi Xia though. 乁 ˘ o ˘ ㄏ
Evee_the_reader4 weeks ago
too bad cos i am sure he's the one
Chicken1 year ago
I don't really care for Xiu as the male lead.
FoxReader49411 year ago
I concur. I was really rooting for Qi Xia and Yan Yu.
FoxReader51661 year ago
He my dad
Pieflypie1 year ago
Idk, after reading so many protagonists with hermits in them it's kinda fun to have the extra half romantic element to them.
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