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Darkprince92481 year ago
Nothing to do with the current chapter, but how will they heal vermillion bird injuries so he can have his strength back
Sayy31 year ago
It's weird that they never mentioned healing him
Winter1 year ago
Well, so far the only method of healing was a long rest among their preferred elements.
kaoru1 year ago
a part of me thinks none of the cast really wants to heal him ? after all, you don't really need him in his full power when you have multiple power source around ?
Samnayel1 year ago
Hmm he was cursed by a warlock 14 years ago.. I think it has something to do with baby shen yanxiao kidnapping
leafy1 year ago
wowowowow...never thought of that...i guess I'm am really becoming more stupid by watching Nazhi ... stupidity is contagious lol
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