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Pixy3 months ago
Oh good. I’ve been missing the baby Phoenix for awhile. Now she summoned a baby red cat. I mean dragon.
Hope58361 year ago
Poor SY
VitoriaHyral1 year ago
Será que estão usando essas bestas fantasmas pra pegar material genético e usam aquelas lagrimas pra conseguir fundir o material genético nos indivíduos de teste ?
kaoru1 year ago
now you have two chicks and both of them are not imprinted on you ?
Winter1 year ago
No one can summon it for now :p
FoxReader51661 year ago
It a dragon for normal man sake!!! People would already be overjoyed just summoning a frog for their first try and you here be disappointed with a dragon
Phantom394611 months ago
As stated a few chapters ago, she looked down on herself as she was using a hods standard... it was that chat which was a sneak veiw
Lola_Neres1 year ago
Wing of Death? This is the game World of Warcraft?
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