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CristinaC11 months ago
What else could she possibly do? It's not like she's a Warwick who could 1- interrogate her and find out the truth about the matter, and 2- get her to somehow compromise the person she communicates with.or lie to him that she hasn't seen anybody with that description. As for the possibility of others finding the trace of the magic from curses, it doesn't seem like they can find the type of course from it after it has been resolved
YueXie7 months ago
A Warwick sounds useless though. Doubt Warwicks can cast curses or anything
Hope58361 year ago
Is that wise? Sending who they are looking for straight to them?
FoxReader49411 year ago
I wonder when she gone be strong enough to start showing off her elfen blood cuz I think that'll be bomb!!
Winter1 year ago
Maybe she'll turn into a full blown elf after the 7th seal and can't hide it anymore then :p
Samnayel1 year ago
If shen siyu is who I think he is, I don't believe shen yanxiao has anything to fear from the God domain. they might even back her up
Rinneshi1 year ago
Well,shen siyu might be a villian..cuz he is the one who sealed her ask him
CristinaC11 months ago
Agreed. I'm quite convinced he is 'his highness ' from the God Domain.
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