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Pixy3 months ago
Jeez. You would think the Long Xuan empire has some sort of spy network to help control information like this, since it is potentially dangerous for the empire to show such weakness. Let’s not even mention the loss of face the emperor would have because his only heir and a top advisor were “held prisoner” and all.
Winter1 year ago
I wonder, who came up with those delusions that she got a lot of stuff from the useless emperor xD
oh yikes1 year ago
omfg just die, woman face. >:P
chillai1 year ago
I'm deeply disgusted with this Geng Di guy. How many more chapters before he would die?
Blehdemeh1 year ago
Hopefully within the next 3. I’m waiting on his death too. Oh and I hope this Elder Wen dies too...
oh yikes1 year ago
mood though, i want him to die ASAP.?✌?
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