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BloodCoveredAngel2 months ago
Idiots underestimating the loyalty of rabbit and the strength of a final boss.
Jianna4 months ago
I love rabbits. My phone case was actually a fluffy rabbit.
Hyper Rose7 months ago
U filthy green house bitches!!!!!! Shut up!!!!
FoxReader101628 months ago
How dare you ! 🗣️ You should apologize to the 🗣️ rabbit 🗣️
MinvelWrites1 year ago
I'm new here!i love this novel very much. I won't get sate to read this.I Thankyou all!
Anaeum1 year ago
Thanks for your hard work!
qiwibirb1 year ago
Thanks for the chapter! 😊 The current setting of the world sounds terrifying, it's no wonder these people have already resorted to looting. Even if it's only been 4 days, that sounds about right.
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