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Verdant_Wraith1 year ago
In the first half of this chapter, Takuto says he can't use 《Acceleration》the same way as the knight. Completely forgetting that he can, in fact, do just that. When he received the Knight's Medal, he also got the corresponding title to go with it, which allows him to obtain the skill to use magic with a sword. The specific wording of the title was- Knight's Medal Effect: Release of some skills Read more A proof of being recognized as a knight by the country When he received the title the system notification was- [You've earned the title [Knight's Medal]] [The Magic Sword skill has been released] Yet Takuto never checked the skill, I only hope the author will eventually give him the skill, otherwise, it's like he wasn't given a reward for the request in the first place. Show less
Felfyron1 year ago
You're on the right track, but due to some translation difficulties it's not quite clear. What he means is he can't cast it with a sword like the knight could - nearly instantly. He can cast with a sword, but it's slower than when using the staff, and the spell doesn't last long, so weapon switching after kills it. His cast time reduction makes it more useful, but not perfect. The Magic Sword skill is like other skills, he has released it, but not spent points to actually activate it for some reason, or maybe swordsmanship isn't high enough level (like fighting the demon released sacred magic, but he had to get light to 30 first?) to get the skill. Also, a magic sword weapon (not skill) can be used as a spellcasting focus, like the staff.
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