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Verdant_Wraith5 months ago
Is parthios tired of translating this novel? The translation quality has dropped, and even though we're only halfway through the released chapters, the updates are becoming even less frequent. If they're tired of this title I personally hold nothing against them, and hope they find something they enjoy doing even if it's not translating. If they're having issues with their personal life, then it's best to take care of that and themselves before worrying about the novel. No one wants their translator to collapse from neglecting themself.
Parthios945 months ago
Hello Verdant. I´m not tired of translating this novel. I´m busy with real life matters and thats why there is right now a 2 days release schedule. And the reason there was no chapter release since monday was that because of an accident near my house I had no internet for this week. I will release a new chapter tomorrow and probably around june the release will go back to every day if everything goes at planned. Greetings Parthios Read more
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