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Chingaez2 months ago
Also also, both Finnath and Univestel buy Inferia's "Hiroto's Kingdom" shtick so much that they immediately jumping conclusion by saying that Hiroto was in cahoots with Phyllis, despite this couldn't be further from the truth! How do these guys come to this conclusopn is beyond me...
Chingaez2 months ago
Good lord, this chapter shows the incompetence of Moldias and some of the Privy Council members: The king just show hsi weakness and both Finnath and Univestel trying to use Inferia's "report" to slander Hiroto even more and choose Rujad of all people to be in charge of the boader defense despite his infamy for folly! Abrahim's plans are coming to fruition no thanks to these people...
Chingaez2 months ago
Also, even Panopticus of all people is displeased by Inferia's "report" and you can see his monolouge saying "Curses, Inferia! You had one job and you blew it!"
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