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Chingaez2 months ago
Oh boy, this dejavu. Hiroto can't catch a break now, can't he? It's seems to me that it's Emperia betrayed Hiroto. Twice. Also, nevermind about the vampires and other Salabrian people (except Zoch because women abd money), given that even Abrahim of all people calling Moldias a foolish king for his rash decision that make his schemes even easier, you better believe that the king's reputation is already in the mudhole. Also, if Hiroto's flashback is anything to go by, this means that Hiroto isn't stranger to criticism either. I really hope that Hiroto can recover his depression...
Chingaez2 months ago
Also also, speaking of the flashbacks, it means that his father was the one who encouraged Hiroto about turning the tables whenever the difficulties he faced. A father of the year, man.
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