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Chingaez2 months ago
Glad to see Hiroto finally get its mojo back after recalling his father's words and use his cunning to outsmart the assassins. Speaking of whom, sucks to the Phyllian assaasins now who came so close to kill Hiroto and the mission would've been successful if it wasn't for their distraction for Raquel, and they wouldn't resort to their hostage exchange that ultimately seal their fate. Then again, props to the ambassador for executing Zoch the greaseball who willing to say ANYTHING in order to save his skin even after he realized that he has been used by Phyllis. If even Phyllian assassin finds that one lord is too corrupt, then Hybride need to clean house. Fast. Read more I wonder how will Rujad react when he heard what happened at Salabria? Show less
Gomora992 months ago
Well rest in pieces Phyllis kingdom are so fucking doom.
Chingaez2 months ago
Same goes for Zoch the jacka$$ whose greed and envy that led to his own demise.
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