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Akirei1 year ago
Yeah, Phyllis is falling apart. I already expected it, but you can't know how foolish a man is until he makes the mistake.
Chingaez2 years ago
Oh boy, things are getting messy on Phyllis part and if Gardel of all people is appalled to hear an elf's murder, this means Eash SHOULD listen to reason instead of blaming Hybride for basically EVERYTHING. Not to mention even Abrahim urges the king to think wisely despite his own grudge against Hiroto, so Eash has just make the same mistake as Moldias did back from the last book, ironically. As for the soldier who killed Hortius and the eleves, these people have just put their own home kingdom in danger! At any rate, this incdent will going to spread like wild fire sooner than latter. Read more
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