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Rauna1 year ago
Hiroto have a really great dad. Thanks so much for the chapter!
Akirei1 year ago
This is... I am speechless. The chapter is so amazing that I can find any intelligent or elaborate way to praise it. I learnt a lot about Hiroto, I was reminded about many things that happen during life, and reflected about them. I can only say: author-sama is a genius.
Chingaez2 years ago
Man, it is a shame to actually wait 4 days per chapter. This is gonna be rough... Also, whilst we all now know Hiroto's origin and how became who he is now, the name of the character is actually Ruki instead of Rui, I think. Speaking of Akemiya, I wonder how she feel to know the dissapearance of Hiroto and Soichiro. Will she joinIng the story? Read more
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