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Chingaez1 year ago
A befitting tittle for 2 of the most despicable villains in his volume, for good reasons. For Bourgault, he learn Hiroto's cunning the hard way when he is the one ends up begging the very "caterpillar" he belittled to save his boy, and ended up being denied instead. And Hiroto is right about Bourgault should focus on his duty as the governor instead of humiliating the guy. Come to think of it, Pollard would be executed had his dad teach a thing call decency regardless of his class status. Who's the real fool now, Bourgault? For Tzedeck, on the other hand, it seems his ultranationalist mindset eventually going to bite them as Eash would rather believe in both Metis AND Lucitius instead of listening to the Archbishop's nonsense. Now that I think about it, Tzedeck has making too much enemies. Read more
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