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Chingaez1 year ago
It seems Bourgault NEVER learn a lesson even after Pollard's death, huh. Holding a grudge against Hiroto is one thing, but calling Raquel being a "cocky" brat is really disrespectful. I mean, the guy already dishonored his own family name by bribing the court in order to cover up his son's crime, and humiliating Hiroto and his peers in order to stop him from capturing his son only making the situation worse. Is he going to add more troubles again? As for Panopticus, I sincerely hope that guy should by now that the nobles, while being powerful, they are not immune to even corruption . Remember how North Phyllis met it's demise? The corrupted nobles. Wasn't it due to their powerful position make the nobles act too snobbish for their own good or somethin?
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