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Chingaez1 year ago
Ya know, just find the nobles are highly hypocrites whenever honor comes up to mind, given these guys using the most dishonorable ways to crush their opponent, like shaming a real hero in the party? Like, come on. These nobles are actually acting like Hiroto's high school bullies here. And come to think of it, do these nobles really think that the Supreme Court's mock trial alone that defeat Hiroto?
Chingaez1 year ago
Oh, and speaking of being the high school bullies, for people like Belphegor calling Hiroto a kid, he and his fellow nobles looked childish by comparison here, and you would think that these nobles wouldn't be laughing now when the vampires will cut ties with Hybride for humiliating the only person who has connections with them. Also, props to Raquel to not only saving the day by dancing with Hiroto by using Belphegor's own words against him, she also give one heck of a lecture to Orfina that makes the concubine realize her own fault, to the point even thinking that Raquel is more dignified than any nobles in Hybride.
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