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Chingaez1 year ago
As for Magia, well the new king seems to have one of the most shortsighted plan I have ever seen in my life here and why is that? Well, he is about to undo the late king's effort in keeping the peace between Hybride and Magia by bringing up the bad blood 40-50 years ago. Doesn't help that his own subjects willing to go for their plan any how. Lagos seemly the only person who had the common sense here, given the passing of the king,
Chingaez1 year ago
Sounds like Belphegor is a sore loser who STILL want to crush Hiroto even if it means making a rather shortsighted decision-one that actually contradicting his monologue about the "keeping the outsiders away from politics" shtick. Speaking of which, when Belphegor said about leaving those the locals than the outsiders, in what merit do these arrogant fools said about that when they did nothing even before Hiroto arrive into this world?
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