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Chingaez1 year ago
Sounds like this chapter is about Hiroto's first meeting with Nestoria the loyal guard for Urceus but, man, do I feel that this chapter is really showcasing now narrowminded both Magia and Regulus really are. It doesn't look "wise" on Urceus's part considering a fact that he just undoing his father's peace for keep antagonizing the vampires just because of what happened to Phyllis a year ago. I really can't see how Nestoria will going to win against Hiroto in an argument given that rebuttal is Hiroto's forte.
Chingaez1 year ago
And speaking further about Nestoria, for people like her helping Urceus into building a "future" for Magia, given how the new king's direction for Magia, that will never end well foe the kIngdom of the east. There is a VERY good reason why Nassar brushed off his subjects' concern about the vampires here, and whatever Zalia or Nestoria are doing are NOT helping either the king or Magia...
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