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Chingaez1 year ago
This chapter gives us an idea why and how did Urseus becomes extremely hostile against both Hiroto and the vampires without even wonder what really happened over there. And, yes, the elves in Regulus ain't fare any better either because they didn't give any proper context to Urseus that worsen his paranoia against the vampires. Even Nassar, who happens to be Urseus's dad, finds his own son's paranoia against the vampires is just irrational and says that there must be a reason why the vampires did what they do to Phyllis and wrongfully . The final sentence about his monologue really implies how naive Urseus really are for his obsession on "eliminating the threat" and my hunch tells me that the new king is about going to make a very fatal mistake that is actually screwing Magia.
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