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Chingaez1 year ago
To see Urceus and his peeps are so antagonistic against vampires so much, you really have to wonder if they have even meet or interacting the vampires at all. I mean, it makes abundantly clear that Urceus only see the vampires as a threat and no intentions to even meet them, and him attempt to block Hiroto from even visiting Magia further implies that the "peace proposal" is actually a a smokescreen so he can eradicate both Hiroto and the vampires from within. Karma will surely going to get Magia in a VERY long run...
Chingaez1 year ago
Also, it sounds to me Magia has it's own equality problem when the skeletons here suffer the same problem as Hybrdian mummies here. Even worse, Magia doesn't have any elves due to the temperature over there which seemly explains Urceus's depending too much on Regulus and all the accusation against Hiroto is just him jumping conclusions. Again, Karma is going to haunt Magia in a VERY long time if that plan goes haywire...
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