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Chingaez1 year ago
Looks like the conspirator's meltdown continues when Magia Army's defeat at Lucinia by the vampires spread across the continent, and boy the karma is comIng after these conspirators real quick but given some of the quotes from the likes of Urceus and Regulus, something tells me that the antagonism against the vampires are far from done.
Chingaez1 year ago
First of all, Magia takes the biggest L because of what happened to Magia Army 2 chapters ago, all of which were the result of Urceus and his loyal vassals' miscalculations and Hiroto and the vampires despite their best schemes that almost put Hybride at edge. Had Urceus, and Nestoria and Zalia by extention, didn't focuses too much on reducing Hybride's "sky power", Magia's defeat could be averted, and all of this are self-inflicted if you ask me. For these people who are so cautious about Hiroto and the vampires, they didn't took them seriously until consequences come at them in a surprising way, ain't it? Read more Read more Judging by the last sentence from Urceus, something tells me that the king is far from done with Hybride, but will he continue to use Regulus's way to subdue Hybride? Show less
Chingaez1 year ago
As Regulus, you have both Cognitas and Dialogs are doubling down their antipathy against the vampires after the Lucinia Incident, and this is despite they are the one who is responsible for Urceus's obsession to crush Hiroto and the vampires by gaslighted him into thinking the 2 are "dangerous". Nevermind the Hybridan Prince who spent too much time on wooing the women, how would Univestel and the Hybridian elves respond to Regulus now? These people know that they never seen vampires before, ya? For people like Cognitas who has illustratious titles, they should know the consequences for their own action that leading to this predictament... Read more
Chingaez1 year ago
As for both Belphegor and Rasmus, while is is relief to see their plot is ruinned again, their house arrest (I believe) and fine is by far the most lenient by Moldias. Same goes for both Lemaire and especially Finas who were also invoved in that scheme yet they both got away from consequences. If I am Moldias, I'd strip their titles and banish them out from Hybride before they can doore damage to the kingdom, especially with Belphegor whose influence is great because of his position as the PM.
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