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Chingaez1 year ago
Also, this chapter showcase the uneasy alliance about 2 desperate fools: A human king who desperately trying to even with Hybride, while a vampire leader desperately want her union evenly match or surpass her rival vampires. And unlike Hiroto who at least did some good that garnered both Zeldis and Gerzerkia's trust, Urceus has to give Desgild an inch in order to get Northern Union's collaboration ay the expense of his pride and already, Desgils take a mile for that because of Urceus's desperation. Judging by Nestoria's hostility, something tells me that this alliance will not gonna last long...
Chingaez1 year ago
Had Urceus and his vassals actually listened to Hybrdians about having an open-minded for the vampires from the last book, they would not be in this kind of situation as it now. This is desperation 1 million percent on Magia part...
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