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jinhanama781 year ago
C'mon. Just admit it, you were shaking in your boots at the mere mention of margrave and that's why you didn't wanted him to participate in these peace talks but now that he's finally here, you know you lost the moment he officially joined the fray.
Chingaez1 year ago
So, this chapter showcasing that both Magia and Regulus took the biggest L because this "peace treaty" thing just shows how narrow-minded these guys really are, and it took Hiroto's speech about Leonidas actually force everyone (excpet Moldias and Eash) to reconsider.
Chingaez1 year ago
I think Hiroto actually mean NOT signing an agreement that will led to war? Anyways, part 2 is coming and despite the pressure from 3 sides, not even the Triple Threats can stop Hiroto brings up Leonidas of all people into the discussing, of which forcing nearly everyone to reconsider the very treaty that trying to subjugate Hybrie. How ironic for the "peace agreement" that was supposed to bring peace and stability ends up having an opposite effect? Read more
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