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Chingaez11 months ago
Speaking if the elves, we have both Univestel and especially Sylferis who has made a hazardous choice of voting for Hydran as the next king and if it not for the Vice Archbishop's reaction about the spirit's answer, the elves will ironically screw Hybride by not knowing Hydran's true personality. I mean, even Hiroto find Hydran's stoic reaction about Moldias's death should give the elves a clue that their guy ain't suitable to be their king. Are they REALLY want to wait the curse come to them and THEM they feel their regret?! For those who are highly supertitous about the Spirit'a curse and for Hybride's sake, it seems that even the elves are prone to make mistake as humans does-by judging a character by it's cover
Chingaez11 months ago
This chapter showcases the effect of Moldias's death for everyone: Not only we see Hydran hastening his schemes to get rid of Hiroto from power through the info he got from his spies, we also see that the elves themselves, especially the likes of Univestel are going to make a terrible decision that it would have severe consequences had it not for Sylferis's intervention. It seems to me that for all their talk about the nations, some Hybridians (yes, including the elves) are ironically prone to self-sabotaging to themselves.
Chingaez11 months ago
Let's talk about Hydran in this chapter, shall we? Here, we see how much of a scumbag Hydran really is by not only feeling happy to see Moldias gone sooner than expected, he decides to use Hiroto's harem to ruin defeat MC. Don't Hydran even know that in MOST harem stories, those who has most women in his harem are the most virtuous one? Seriously, that douche of a duke not showing any emotion after Moldias's death should give people an answer that he CANNOT become the king! Mainly because of the flashback that explained how come he was not a king from the last king nomination meeting. How is that jerk is the elves' guy again?
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